Act of Contrition

By Dean L. Jones, CPM

The week before the holidays I have chosen to rhyme my words in an effort to atone, how I used to extend give, offer, and share processed sugary-filled items that I can no longer condone.  Upon entering this world sixty years ago, it was the best thing going to experience a sweet tasting twirl, however, who knew then that eating processed sugar would cause tremendous disease without discrimination to a boy or a girl?

There are many reasons to stop the craving of a sugary-filled product, such as how it raises blood pressure, artery inflammation, and cholesterol levels beyond acceptable conduct.  Mainly to reduce insulin resistance doctors still prescribe drugs that negatively affect the liver, except at the end the day the diabetic’s general health remains in a shiver.  Do not depend on the US Government to prevent the unwarranted use of harmful high fructose corn syrup sold in packaged foods, essentially because it is produced under an international trade agreement to exchange domestically made services and goods.

When it all comes down to what we chew, we only have our inner faith of the universe to guide us through.  So in the season of giving and rejoicing the essence of life, I am encouraged to choose substances that can make it all right.  Within my discipline I will avoid gluttony, sloth, envy and greed, which without a doubt makes all things right when it is time to feed.  Besides there is a growing issue of whether the processed sugar in our favorite food is genetically modified or not, so we may as well slow our roll on eating so much or consider the need to start a food boycott.

Just go to any super market and find within easy shelf reach, a child high cartoon designed box of a sugary breakfast treat.  The adults are outright fooled by the words ‘wholesome goodness,’ when the makers of these non-nutritional packages may as well be in the dessert business.  Like Honey Nut Cheerios has four added teaspoons of processed sugar per bowl, compared to the original Cheerios that can actually help you grow old.  So it is imperative not to allow a child to heap 4-teaspoons of processed sugar onto their breakfast meal, unless a caregiver is unfamiliar to limit sugar to 6-teaspoons a day as a heart healthy skill.

Everyone knows someone who has unfortunately succumbed to the diabetes epidemic; consequently giving pastries whether cream- or jelly-filled, crispy, crunchy, or glazed would seemingly be a bad gimmick.  Instead, extend fresh whole fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to help reduce those bad things that many desire; even treating them to a banana and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter will help put out the average sweet tooth fire.
Mr. Jones is a marketing strategist with the Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), sharing his view on mismanagement practices of packaged foods & beverages.

Author: spirit