Allure, Appeal and Bliss Point

By Dean L. Jones, CPM

Processed food manufacturers are really good at making their products have a very exciting first bite or sip, followed by an utterly familiar taste to ensure satiety.  Accordingly, since women are the most frequent food shoppers it is their emotional vulnerability to smell and taste that has food manufacturers targeting women more often.  Food product designs attempt to pack an allure with a compelling appeal that works to hit an emotional bliss point upon eating. Think about those yogurt commercials that target women remembering a place in time so good that it topped every probable imaginable blissful moment before.

Food manufacturers thrive on profits gained from synthetic hormone sales from all sorts of products including cosmetics, drugs, food additives, and animal feed.  Bafflingly, these same hormones were examined in 1941 by the National Cancer Institute who confirmed that these hormones cause breast cancer in rodents.  But shockingly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved one of the hormones studied, named DES (diethylstilbestrol), for commercial use in products targeted toward women consumers.  Since then, corporations freely include these same hormones to make chickens, cows and pigs grow faster, knowing that human cancer from DES exposure was confirmed and banned from animal flesh food.

Life is a series of choices and we should make informed choices, whenever possible.  There are a number of health choices surrounding breast cancer that is shortening women’s life spans by an average of twenty years.  Stringent governmental studies of breast cancer began over fifty years ago, but still more than 46,000 heroic women transpire from this disease annually, where each day roughly 100 women in the United States are told by their doctor that they have breast cancer.  However, what most will not be told is they have life-giving choices, where a badly treated diet may have caused the cancer and by choice an improved diet can be a highly effective method to bring an arrest to the cancer.

Environmentally, the bad air, food, water and ionizing radiation contributes considerably to all types of diseases.  Still, most health professionals will rarely speak about how animal fat and processed sugar push the risk of poor health like breast and colon cancer, premature puberty, heart disease, and so much more.  Even with the accumulation of evidence moving toward the certainty that dietary factors are principally responsible for well over 50% of all diseases.

Some common breast cancer prevention tips are to avoid pesticides, alcohol, smoking, processed sugar, sedentary living, animal fat, caffeine, smoking, lack of fiber, chlorinated drinking water and excessive sodium.  Sweet table sugar really does not seem right being associated with avoiding smoking and dangerous pesticides, but cancer cells feed on processed sugar, as sugar is actually cancer’s preferred fuel.  The more processed sugar you eat the faster cancer cells are able to grow.
Dean Jones, Ethics Advocate, Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), contributes his view on health attributes of packaged foods & beverages.

Author: spirit