Too Big To Rail

By Dean L. Jones, CPM

Around four years ago the media was spouting off about how certain mega companies were too big to fail.  Adapting a scant spin to this phrase is offered as too big to rail, where rail refers to riding in a high speed transport tube.  The possibility is being worked on by famous billionaire investor Elon Musk who made public plans for a “Hyperloop” transportation system.  This proven entrepreneur of PayPal and Space-X wants to build a futuristic passenger shuttle starting here in Los Angeles to San Francisco travelling along at almost 700 mph.

This project is based on a railgun, which is an electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launcher.  Therefore, we could potentially have the ability to ride in a capsule on a super fast rail, but will our growing body sizes matter?  I hope if and when such a phenomenal improvement in mass transpiration should come about that my weight and blood pressure will meet the human physical condition needed to travel faster than the speed of sound.

Astronauts have to be in good health and be of normal weight.  Likewise, there are plenty of airlines that already charge double for obese passengers.  Some smaller planes will not even allow overweight people to fly because they will literally prevent the plane from taking off resulting from the extra weight.

It definitely will not hurt being prepared for the possibility of traveling 600 miles in 30 minutes.  Easy preparation can begin by simply shaking off all of the processed sugary foods.  The sugar is lurking everywhere and it is not doing any of us any good.  I overheard some 16-year old student workers recently turn down free meals because they did not consist of the foods that they normally consumed.

The rejected school district prepared meals were turkey, steamed broccoli, fresh plums, and milk.  The young students instead preferred buying chili Fritos and an unlimited refill of soda.  This is not an isolated observation, as plenty of young people have fallen victim to ghastly eating habits.  Researchers confirm that a habit of drinking three sodas (total of 24 ounces) a day will drastically shorten a lifespan.  Another related point is consuming two servings of diet soda daily significantly declines kidney functions.

Accordingly, choosing to be around for the futuristic super fast people transporter means we need to stay the course of a decent diet.  A healthier life begins with the intake of food, and items high in hydrogenated oil, processed sugar and chemicals will lessen the probability of taking part in the speedy rail capsule. Equally, the quality of life is just as important because an elongated diseased life is no better than a short one.  Thus, regularly devouring processed sugary foods can lead to diseases such as heart disease, digestive disease and diabetes, just to name a few.

Dean Jones, Ethics Advocate, Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), contributes his view on health attributes derived from foods & beverages.

Author: spirit