Mental Power

By Dean L. Jones, CPM

The superhuman life of the late President Nelson Mandela (Madiba) spearheaded what can be analogous to being the source of giving a spring of living water which quenched the thirst of a multitude of millions who believed in his commitment to dismantling an apartheid command.  Viewing on television this week the love, joy, and peace among the South African population showed a jubilation of what Madiba’s life vastly accomplished for the greater good.

Being able to indirectly benefit from Madiba’s appearance on Earth is miraculous, as he ultimately delivered on a mission to literally free a nation from egregious oppression.  Such a monumental undertaking is unparalleled to staying discipline with steering clear of processed sugar.  Even so, I feel that healthy eating patterns in some measure is important to honoring those who sacrifice for others to live more abundantly.  It is as though by disregarding the highest level of feeding our temple in some manner serves as a disservice to those who make their life’s work solely to improve socioeconomic circumstances of others.

The health of one’s body and mind should practice refraining from foolishness, particularly items laden with processed sugar.   Madiba is known to discourage children from consuming processed sugar and clearly stated that fruit should be the only thing that you eat.  This fact is shared by Madiba’s personal chef Xoliswa Ndoyiya in the book; Ukutya Kwasekhaya: Tastes From Nelson Mandela’s Kitchen.  One recipe from the book intrigued me since it is a dessert that he appreciated post his 27 year political prisoner incarceration.

Strawberry Trifle, serving 6-8.  Ingredients: 1 packet strawberry gelatin (such as Jell-O),1 packet vanilla instant pudding, 1 cup sour cream, 1 teaspoon orange zest, 1 vanilla Swiss roll, sliced, 2 cups heavy cream, whipped, and 1 pound strawberries, leaves removed.  Instructions: Make the gelatin according to the packet instructions and set aside in the fridge.  Combine the instant pudding, sour cream, milk and orange zest. Beat until the mixture thickens.  Set aside in the fridge.  Once the gelatin and pudding are both almost set, start to assemble the trifle:  In a large bowl or individual bowls, alternate layers of Swiss roll, pudding mixture and gelatin, ending with a layer of the pudding mixture.  Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.  Top with the whipped cream, arrange the strawberries on top and serve.

It is all good knowing that special people like Mediba are keen on food items like a majority of people.  It is even more special when you know that your personal indulgence never exceeds a level that abuses the body and mind.  Mainly because our food sources are changing daily, ranging from sometimes good to not so good.  Determining what is best is 100% an individual decision, making personal responsibility paramount for being prepared and ready to do good for others.
Dean Jones, Ethics Advocate, Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), contributes his view on health attributes of packaged foods & beverages.


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