Life Again

By Dean L. Jones

Biblically, Chapter 14 of Romans (verses1-23) highlight the strength of one’s faith in God., reasoning how when one person believes in eating anything, while another eats only vegetables, neither should pass judgment, as God welcomes all.  Optimistically, all SugarAlert! articles in PACE News serve solely as an informational resource and in no way attempts to cast judgment on one’s eating habits.

Be that as it may, next week recognizes Easter, which is the single most important holy day of the Christian Church.  Commercially, a number of businesses seek to profit from this celebration of resurrected life by highlighting promotions to sell candies like jelly beans and a variety of chocolates shaped like eggs and rabbits.  Obviously, the sugary treats have no relation to the authority to die for the sins of the world and the power to come back to life again.

Strangely enough, it would be pleasing if my teeth could come back to life from the abuse I gave them from eating those jelly beans and processed milk chocolate holiday treats.  Greater caution must be in order as being attracted to the packaged food enticements laid out by companies like H.J. Heinz Corporation and Kraft Foods can be challenging.  Coincidently, these already gigantic corporations are merging into perhaps the largest food and beverage company in the world.

Major markets are already full to the brim with packaged processed foods and it is becoming harder and harder to find fresh produce in today’s mega-market floor plans.  The aforementioned oligopoly engineered by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Heinz will come to be known as The Kraft Heinz Company, thereby dominating the ketchup, sauces, microwave meals, soups, snacks and infant nutrition.  Likewise, Kraft’s Capri Sun, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Lunchables, Maxwell House, Oscar Mayer, Velveeta, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Planters Peanuts will become even more abundant on grocers’ shelves.

Global packaged food titans know that there is a far greater improved consumer conscientiousness to choose healthier items wherever possible, consequently, any food or beverage brand wanting to get purchased better at least portray the illusion that they are reducing the sugar and other toxic ingredients.  Just look at the number of self-proclaimed breakfast cereals that have been discontinued from lost sales due to better consumerism.  Some of the gone and never to be resurrected sugar monster brands include Dino Pebbles, Oreo O’s, Sprinkle Spangles, Baron Von Redberry, Ice Cream Cones, Reptar Crunch, The Rugrats, Breakfast With Barbie, and of course Urkel-Os―Did I do that?

In view of that, I am at ease with a passage from the first book, Genesis 1:29, where the creator has furnished us with every plant and tree yielding seeds with fruit on the face of all the earth, all of which is provided as food.  There is no judgment, as this is freely offered for anyone wanting to live more SugarAlert!
Dean Jones is an Ethics Advocate, Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), contributing his view on certain aspects of foodstuff.