Unruly Emotions

By Dean L. Jones

Social media is possibly over exposing a long time terrible occurrence, but it seems really sad that so many people are today seen fighting and displaying so much aggression against one another.  Between fast food places and road rage personal videos of unruly emotions are seemingly quite common.  Across the country, social media videos are capturing physical fights among men, women, and children over what usually appears to be about nothing of any importance.

The term important is relevant, because when your bodily harm and life becomes threatened the fight or flight response is rapidly elevated.  Although there is no pattern of the many fights caught on camera, the people shown carrying out anger around food situations overtly points to an out-of-balance blood sugar level.  When eating heavily processed sugary-filled items the body will experience an abrupt change in blood sugar level that can trigger a course-of-action to release unregulated amounts of insulin into the body’s blood stream.

There are countless videos posted on www.youtube.com, which shows a portion of American culture fighting in food establishments like Chuck E. Cheese, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Denny’s, Wendy’s, and the multiple Wal-Mart customer brawls.  A low blood sugar level can really make a person go off with serious anger, and as the food-mood link may not cause unruly outbreaks, conversely it surely seems possible whereas having a nutritious meal places people in a more peaceful mood.

Just this week two guys driving on a Hollywood street were caught on video fist fighting right out of their cars.  The guy with the lesser gut got the best of the apparent instigator and then returned to his car and fled from the scene.  Even though there was no food involved here, an out-of-control act prevents the brain from responding correctly in a critical thinking time of fight or flight, leaving one to a higher chance of an unsafe outcome.

The facts bear out that when levels of the brain’s chemical serotonin dip, from stress or not eating, it affects the brain regions regulating anger, potentially resulting in a whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions.  Current foodstuff is extremely processed with nominal nutritional value and thereby producing ill-health ramifications like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.  Consequently, being more aware of the harm processed foodstuff causes is the important thing and eliminating unwholesome items from the diet is a proactive way to improve physical and emotional health.

There are more people on the planet and video cameras are just about everywhere, so maybe people have been overly aggressive to one another forever, even so, we are definitely seeing more of it.  Accordingly, since heavily sweetened foodstuff is so widely available and does upset blood sugar levels with a jagged cycle of energy surge and crash, for safety sakes make every effort to avoid unruly emotions by living SugarAlert!

Dean Jones is an Ethics Advocate, Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), contributing his view on certain aspects of foodstuff.