Earthly Vessel Gratitude

By Dean L. Jones

An elevated amount of people are being caught using improper language and/or exploiting physical abuse on others.  Is it possible that the brain is vulnerable or perhaps under attack?  For example, Donald Sterling (Los Angeles Clipper team owner with a net worth of $1.9 billion), should know better not to make questionable and obviously regrettable remarks.  This situation illustrates how the mind is a powerful tool, requiring proper maintenance of sleep, exercise and nutrients to function at peak efficiency.

Whenever we deprive the mind and body of sleep it will not perform at its best potential.  Like Sterling, it is normal to assume those with demanding schedules could jeopardize their mental clarity from being too busy making money.  Just as important is to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.  The body and brain depends on nurturing the proper blood sugar level just as a car’s engine and computer needs to have quality fuel to make it perform.

I do not doubt that Sterling is subjected to dementia with him being over 80 years of age.  It would come as no surprise to find out that the lack of rest and nutrients he is undergoing have raised his blood sugar levels.  The mind cannot make clear statements when the blood sugar is out-of-whack.  Sterling did not attract tremendous wealth from being an unclear thinker, but currently he is supporting an earthly vessel that looks out-of-shape and sounds incoherent.

Our mind and organs that deliver our respective instincts and directions are protected by an earthly vessel, whereby ensuring that it gets well-balanced, low-sugar and portion-controlled meals throughout the day is highly important.  Adding small carbohydrate snacks between meals, such as fresh fruits and vegetables really helps with mental supremacy.  Attaining a good quality and quantity of sleep combined with regular exercise for the body and brain stimulate strength.  The brain in comparison to other organs is that it forms the physical structure associated with the mind.

Constant high blood sugar levels degenerate the hippocampus and amygala in the brain, both of which play a key role in memory and mental skills.  For that reason, people with higher blood sugar levels are more at risk for contracting dementia symptoms.  It is easy to see such dementia like signs in older people, but we tend to call it something very different in the young when they sound incoherent or become belligerent.

Stay SugarAlert!  As nearly half of the foodstuff items called breakfast cereals on grocery shelves are full of way too much processed sugar, especially the ones marketed to children.  These boxed items notoriously contain considerably more of the daily recommended added sugar limits.  Scientifically, we have one vessel on Earth to embody our mind and organs, so it stands to reason to treat it with the best practices that ensure life-giving properties.
Dean Jones, Ethics Advocate, Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), contributes his view on health attributes derived from processed foodstuff items.